Warranty Policy

– IT Mart is not responsible for any kind of data loss during repair of the product. Customer must backup all the data before leaving it for repair.

–  No warranty of screen (including any cable/accessories attached with screen) or touch in all the touch laptops and touch AIO PC.

– No warranty for battery backup. Warranty in the battery is valid only if it is dead (less than 10 minutes backup).

– No warranty of DOTS on the screen.

– No warranty if the product is damaged due to improper/erratic electric supply (Laptop/Adapter)

– No warranty if serial number or the warranty seal is removed/defaced and the product is serviced or repaired at another place.

– No warranty of any kind of physical damage/liquid spillage

– In case of hardware failure, it will normally take approximately 3-5 weeks to get the parts replaced.

– No warranty of any kind of software.

– Buyer must bring the warranty card to claim warranty service.

– Buyer must collect the product within 15 days of repair